Protesters in Manila rally against Israel and US

People in the Philippines have taken to the streets to protest against Israel and the US, as civilian casualties in Gaza continue to increase as a result of attacks by Israel.

The rally comes just before President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visits the US.

More than 200 people gathered near the US Embassy in Manila on Tuesday.

They included students and workers who support the Palestinians. The protesters called for an end to the Israeli military's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

They also criticized President Marcos, who has been strengthening security ties with Washington since he took office last June.

At one point during the rally, police blocked protesters and the two sides clashed fiercely.

One protester said that many Muslims in Manila joined the rally to hold the US accountable for supporting the Israeli government, and the genocide that is happening to the Palestinian people.

Marcos is heading for San Francisco on Tuesday to attend the APEC summit.