Deceased Takarazuka Revue member's family unsatisfied with report on her death

Lawyers for the family of a deceased Takarazuka Revue member say they are unsatisfied with a report by the troupe on her death, as it understates her overtime hours and denies she was harassed.

A 25-year-old member of the all-female revue troupe was found dead in the city of Takarazuka in September. She apparently took her own life.

The lawyers spoke to reporters in Tokyo on Tuesday, following a news conference by the company earlier in the day. The troupe had released an investigative report by a third-party panel of lawyers.

The lawyers for the bereaved family said the company hinted that the death of the woman resulted from work as it admits she worked 118 hours overtime in the month before she died.

The lawyers said the report understates the figure, and that her overtime work in the month was actually 277 hours.

As for alleged incidents of harassment by senior performers, such as burning her forehead with a curling iron, the lawyers said the report tries to deny the responsibilities of the troupe and senior performers.

They said the report contains many extreme problems in factual findings and assessment, and that they are unsatisfied with the denial of power harassment.

They also said they will demand the company reinvestigate and hold a meeting with them by the end of this month to seek an apology and discuss compensation.

The lawyers quoted the bereaved family as saying that it was a big step forward that the Takarazuka Revue admitted to the woman's heavy workload and apologized, but it is unacceptable that harassment was denied.