Iran dismisses alleged involvement in militant attacks on US military

Iran's Foreign Ministry has dismissed allegations that the country has been involved in repeated militant attacks on the US military stationed in Syria and Iraq.

Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani spoke at a news conference on Monday.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Sunday that the US forces struck facilities in Syria used by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran-affiliated groups, in response to attacks against US personnel. In a statement, Austin said one of the targets was a training facility.

The Iranian spokesperson said that resistance forces do not take orders from Iran, and that Iran does not give them any instructions.

He argued that the US is seeking to distract people from the truth by speculating, and that Americans should pay attention to their own behavior instead of making allegations against others.

The spokesperson also denied allegations that Iran is providing military support to militants in Lebanon and Yemen, in addition to Hamas, which have joined in attacking Israel. He argued that resistance groups have military capabilities to stand against Israel on their own.

He accused Israel of trying to justify its devastating failure by making false accusations that Iran is supporting attacks against Israel.

The Pentagon says US forces in Syria and Iraq were attacked 46 times between October 17 and November 9, and that a total of 56 US personnel were injured.