UK home secretary sacked after controversial remarks on Gaza conflict protest

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked his Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Monday, following her controversial remarks on protests against Israeli forces' military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Braverman is known for her right-wing stance. She has been critical of demonstrations against the Israeli military operations. She called the protests "hate marches" in support of Hamas that threaten the Jewish people. She also called Hamas a terrorist group.

Braverman urged police not to allow such protests last Saturday as a memorial service for World War One war dead was scheduled. She argued the protests would dishonor those who died.

After the police rejected her request, she criticized them.

More than 100 far-right group members and others were arrested on Saturday after they tried to obstruct demonstrations and attacked police officers. Critics say Braverman's remarks were divisive.

Braverman was a key person in the Sunak administration with her solid support base on the right.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly was picked to replace her as home secretary, and former Prime Minister David Cameron was named to replace Cleverly as foreign secretary.