40 workers trapped in collapsed tunnel in northern India

In northern India, rescue teams are racing against the clock to save 40 workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel under construction. Oxygen is being pumped in to help them breathe.

The tunnel being dug on a highway in the state of Uttarakhand caved in suddenly on Sunday morning.

Local and national disaster response officials are in the tunnel, and in contact with the workers. Karamveer Singh Bhandari of the National Disaster Response Force said: "We have been informed that everyone is safe inside. We have given them supplies of food and water, and everyone is safe."

Excavators are clearing rubble, but falling debris is making the rescue mission risky.

The state, covered by Himalayan peaks and dotted with Hindu temples, is often called the "Land of the Gods." It attracts large numbers of pilgrims and tourists.

To improve connectivity, roads are being improved and expanded. But experts say the construction work has made the region vulnerable to landslides.