Senior NATO official: Ceasefire would give Russia time to rebuild forces

A senior NATO official has told NHK that a possible ceasefire in the fighting between Ukraine and Russia would give Moscow time to rebuild its forces.

David van Weel, an Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges of NATO, discussed the potential scenario in an interview with NHK.

NBC News reported earlier this month that US and European officials have spoken to the Ukrainian government about possible peace negotiations with Russia.

Van Weel said ceasefire negotiations are up to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But he noted a ceasefire could give Russia time to consolidate the territory it has taken from Ukraine and reconstitute its armed forces.

He also said there is no indication that Russia has changed its intent, and that the same situation could reoccur in a few years.

Regarding Ukraine's counteroffensive operations, van Weel pointed out that Russia uses new technology, including drones. He also said it is very difficult for Ukraine to conduct surprise attacks.

Van Weel noted if Russia wins, that would send a signal to authoritarian regimes that they could be rewarded for attacking a neighboring country.

He stressed it is important to keep supporting Ukraine.