French connoisseurs sample Japanese wines

French connoisseurs sampled a variety of wines from Japan at a tasting event held in Burgundy on Sunday. More than 70 unique wines made from grapes grown in Japan were on offer.

About 30 wineries from Japanese prefectures, including Yamanashi and Nagano, promoted their products at the first event of its kind in the major wine-producing region.

Staff from the Japanese wineries said the tasters spoke highly of the unique flavors and aromas that differ from those of French wines. They said the recognition will encourage them in their wine-making endeavors.

Event organizer Iwasaki Genki said, "A lot of people came to try the Japanese wines, so I think we can say the event was more successful than expected. I think news of Japan's wonderful wines will spread."

The growing popularity of Japanese wines in recent years has led to a surge in the number of wineries in the country. There are now over 470.