Memorial held in Israel for those killed in October 7 attack

A memorial gathering for the victims of the Hamas attack on a music festival on October 7 was held in the town of Caesarea in central Israel.

About 260 people were killed in the attack at the event near the border with the Gaza Strip. Some attendees of the festival were taken hostage.

About 1,000 people including survivors and families of the victims came to take part on Saturday. They mourned the death of their loved ones and called for an immediate release of the hostages.

After memorial speeches, the mourners listened to music with flowers in their hands.

Some of the attendees wept when a video clip of the event before the attack was screened.

A man in his twenties said that he was shot in the arm and his friend died from a gunshot to the head. He said that he could not save him.

He added that a terrorism robs people of a peaceful life and that the Israeli military should continue its operation against Hamas.

Another man said that he remembers a friend who was killed along with her boyfriend and that he wants to pay his respects to the victims.