Japan to create fund to support young artists to go abroad

Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs is setting up a new fund to support young artists and creators from the planning of their projects to their introduction abroad.

The agency has included about 40 million dollars for the project in the supplementary budget for this fiscal year.

It has been pointed out that comics, animation, music and traditional performing arts need to go beyond their boundaries to appeal to an international audience.

But it is a time consuming endeavor that calls for sustained assistance, especially for young artists.

The cultural agency has decided to establish a new fund to support young artists and creators for a span of around 3 years so that they can show their works or perform overseas. It is the first time that the agency has set up such a fund.

One aim of the plan is to give opportunities to perform overseas to musicians and composers who have won international contests.

Officials say that young artists who create comics and animation can get advice from experts so that they can showcase their works overseas.

The agency added various types of museums that can be used as a base for nurturing new artists.

They also say the fund can digitalize young artists' works and distribute them abroad.