Israeli troops urge medical staff, patients at Al-Shifa Hospital to evacuate

The Israeli military has urged medical staff and patients remaining at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip to evacuate.

Israeli troops could soon launch an all-out offensive on the hospital. They say a key stronghold of the Islamic group Hamas is housed underneath the medical facility.

In a video clip posted on Saturday, an Arabic-speaking Israeli military official insisted that their troops have not yet attempted to attack or seize the hospital.

The spokesperson said that through the hospital's director, the Israeli military issued its evacuation request to medical staff, patients and civilians taking shelter there.

The official said those remaining can still evacuate along the road on its east side, which remains open to traffic.

At a news conference, Palestinian health minister Mai Alkaila severely criticized Israel for forcing the people at the hospital to leave by threatening them with airstrikes.

She said the Israeli military is violating international law, and called for quick intervention by the international community and the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said on Saturday that for humanitarian purposes it will halt military activity in the Jabalia refugee camp for four hours.

It had already urged residents in northern Gaza to evacuate to southern part of the Strip.

The Israeli military also told occupants in northern Gaza's al-Shati refugee camp to evacuate to southern Gaza along the coastal road.

Meanwhile, Israel continues its offensive in some of the major cities in southern Gaza, including Rafah and Khan Yunis.

The Israeli military conducted airstrikes on Saturday near the Rafah refugee camp.

Many evacuees are now in southern Gaza after fleeing Israeli attacks. Amid shortages of fuel and food, the humanitarian situation there has been rapidly deteriorating, due to the gathering crowds.