Zelenskyy calls for unity on anniversary of Kherson liberation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on Ukrainians, and those who have supported them, to remain united in their shared goal of reclaiming Ukrainian territory.

Zelenskyy released a video speech on Saturday, the day that marked the first anniversary of the liberation of the southern city of Kherson from Russian occupation.

In the speech, he said Kherson is "The city-hero. The city-symbol. The city of hope." Zelenskyy noted that its residents "did not surrender to the enemy force and inspired everyone around us and the whole world with their resistance."

He stressed the importance of unity, noting that, "None of us should underestimate the strength of the enemy against us."

Meanwhile, Russian forces have conducted missile and drone attacks around Ukraine, including the capital, Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on Saturday that Russian forces attacked the capital, the eastern region of Kharkiv, the southern region of Odesa and elsewhere during the night using 31 drones and missiles.

The announcement said 19 of them were shut down. It also said the missiles heading for Kyiv were intercepted with its Patriot surface-to-air missile systems.

Kyiv municipal authorities said the enemy resumed missile attacks on the capital after an interval of 52 days. But they said the latest volley failed to reach the city, and no one was hurt.

Authorities in the Kyiv region reported that homes and commercial buildings were damaged by Russian attacks.

Three people were also injured in the Odesa region. Russian attacks also damaged Black Sea port infrastructure.