Media invited on US aircraft carrier to view four-way joint drill in the Pacific

Members of the media have been invited onboard a US aircraft carrier to view part of a joint drill involving Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force and the navies of the United States, Australia and Canada.

The four countries have been conducting a joint exercise since Friday in the Pacific Ocean off Japan.

The media crews watched carrier-based aircraft conduct takeoff and landing drills onboard the USS Carl Vinson on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, the commander-in-chief of Japan's Self-Defense Fleet, Vice Admiral Saito Akira, said strong coordination and cooperation are essential to ensure the region remains stable amid growing threats to maritime security.

US Seventh Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Karl Thomas said, "The security of this maritime region is important to the entire world."

Thomas said the US Navy places importance on the region's security. He added that the four nations must have the strength and the readiness to maintain peace together.

China has been stepping up its maritime activities.

The US Navy has two aircraft carriers, including the USS Carl Vinson, deployed in the Pacific.

Observers say the US military wants to maintain its deterrence in the Asia-Pacific region amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine and clashes between Israel and Hamas.