Israel blames hospital blast on projectile misfired by militants

The Israeli military says a blast at the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip on Friday was caused by a projectile misfired by a militant organization.

Israeli forces have been advancing toward the hospital, where they say a key Hamas post is located. The military announced on Friday it had taken control of a hotel and other positions in Gaza, as the ground invasion continues.

The military says Hamas militants were holed up in the hotel, located only 2.7 kilometers from Al-Shifa Hospital, which the military says is a key Hamas stronghold.

The Gaza authorities say 13 people died on Thursday and Friday from an Israeli strike on the hospital. But the Israeli military says the hospital was hit by a projectile launched by militants at its troops.

In October, Israel blamed an explosion at another hospital on a failed rocket launch by a separate group.

The Israeli military appears to be trying to curb growing international criticism over strikes on hospitals and schools.

The Gaza authorities say 11,078 people have died so far in the conflict.

Meanwhile, Israeli's government has revised down the death toll from the large-scale Hamas attack, from 1,400 to about 1,200.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has also changed its estimate of the number of fatalities to around 1,200, citing Israel's own revision.

Israel's Foreign Ministry told the AFP news agency the figure had been updated as officials now believe a number of unidentified bodies were those of Hamas militants, rather than Israelis.