UN: Gaza residents face 'appalling' conditions

Egyptian security officials had closed the Rafah border crossing with Gaza because of unspecified threats. On Thursday, they reopened it and allowed hundreds of foreign passport holders through, as well as 12 people injured.

Israeli military officials have restricted the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Still, they say they have overseen the delivery of more than 700 trucks loaded with food, water and medical supplies. They warn, however, that they will stop the operations if they find out that Hamas militants are using the aid for themselves.

UN officials say, even with the latest deliveries, that they have been "stretched to the limits." They say nearly half the houses in Gaza have been destroyed or damaged and that 720,000 people have crowded into shelters in conditions they describe as "appalling." The officials say hundreds of people share a single toilet and shower.

Some civilians have decided to head back to what used to be their homes. They say they are worried for the health of their children and that living in the rubble is the "lesser of two evils."