Concerns growing over fighting between Myanmar's military and ethnic minorities

Myanmar's ruling military has been attacked by ethnic-minority forces in the country's east. The military-appointed acting president, Myint Swe, has warned that the country is at a risk of breaking apart.

Fighting has been continuing in Myanmar between the military and pro-democracy armed forces since the military seized power in the 2021 coup.

Three ethnic-minority forces launched a major offensive in the eastern state of Shan in late October. They had taken control of about 150 posts, including military facilities, as of Wednesday.

State-run media reported on Thursday that the military's top general Min Aung Hlaing and senior officials held a meeting in the capital Naypyitaw the previous day.

Myint Swe said at the meeting the country could be torn apart if the military does not take effective action.

The latest round of fighting has taken place in areas near the border with China.

The United Nations says that as of October 30 several hundred people had crossed the border into China in search of safety.