Kansai railway firms adopting touch payment system using credit card

Private railways in Japan's western region of Kansai are making traveling by train more convenient for foreign tourists. A touch payment system that allows passengers to pass through ticket gates using credit cards is being adopted at more stations in the area.

Nankai Electric Railway, which operates a train connection to Kansai Airport, already introduced the system in 2021.

Kintetsu Railway and Hankyu will install the system at most of their stations by the end of next year. Hanshin Electric Railway will follow suit in 2025, and Osaka Metro will implement it from the next fiscal year.

Passengers will be able to use credit cards such as Visa or smartphones set up with credit cards for payment.

In Japan, chargeable IC cards are commonly used for public transportation. But foreign travelers without these cards can have a hard time.

The Kansai region is expecting a surge in foreign tourist numbers ahead of the World Exposition in 2025, which will take place in Osaka City.