Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman dies

Former NASA astronaut Frank Borman, the commander of Apollo 8's historic 1968 flight, has died at the age of 95.

Borman joined the US space agency after serving as an Air Force pilot.

The Apollo 8 astronauts became the first humans to journey around the moon. The achievement paved the way for the lunar landing of Apollo 11 the following year.

Borman and his crew gave a live broadcast after entering lunar orbit. They took turns reading the Book of Genesis on Christmas Eve.

After leaving the astronaut corps, Borman proved his management ability as CEO of Eastern Airlines from the 1970s.

NASA said Borman died on Tuesday in the US state of Montana.

The agency's administrator, Bill Nelson, said, "Frank knew the power exploration held in uniting humanity." He added, "His service to NASA and our nation will undoubtedly fuel the Artemis Generation to reach new cosmic shores."