Russia terminates agreement with Japan on dismantling nuclear weapons

Russia says it will terminate an agreement with Japan on cooperation to help Russia's dismantling of decommissioned Russian nuclear submarines.

The Russian government issued an order on Thursday to terminate the agreement on "Cooperation to Assist the Destruction of Nuclear Weapons Reduced in the Russian Federation."

The government instructed the Foreign Ministry to notify Japan of the decision.

The agreement was signed in October 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union with an aim to promote cooperation for nuclear nonproliferation and solving environmental issues.

Under the agreement, projects began to dismantle decommissioned Russian nuclear submarines that had been abandoned in the Russian Far East. Japan provided financial and technical assistance.

Russia has not mentioned the reason for the termination.

Russia has been objecting to sanctions imposed by Japan and Western nations due to its invasion of Ukraine.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu said on Friday that Japan did not receive prior notice about Russia's decision, and the unilateral announcement is very regrettable. He said Japan will confirm the matter through diplomatic channels.