Kyoto readies traditional winter delicacy

Work is going into full swing in Kyoto City to make a traditional winter delicacy. Companies are busy preparing "senmaizuke" pickles made from a type of giant turnip cultivated in the ancient capital.

The turnip becomes sweeter as temperatures drop in the morning and evening during this time of year.

Skilled craftspeople make it into pickles using traditional techniques. Workers peel the vegetable and cut it into slices less than 3-millimeters thick.

They then put them into wooden barrels and sprinkle over salt.

The turnip is left for three days under a 30-kilogram weight. It's then marinated for another two days in a sweet and sour liquid with kombu seaweed.

The pickles have been produced in Kyoto for about 200 years. They are shipped across the country as year-end and new-year gifts.