Israeli forces warn northern Gaza residents to evacuate

The Israeli military says it told residents in the northern region of the Gaza Strip to move south and that thousands have done so amid fierce ground fighting with Hamas militants.

The military also said on Wednesday that it had destroyed 130 openings into Hamas underground tunnels. Israeli forces are believed to be destroying the tunnels at a rapid pace, mainly in northern Gaza, through airstrikes and shelling by ground forces.

But hospitals and other sites where people have taken shelter have come under fire. Serious fuel shortages threaten medical activities. The United Nations says that 40 percent of medical institutions with inpatient facilities have been shut down.

Meanwhile, confusion continues at a crossing between Gaza and Egypt in the enclave's south.

Footage taken by an NHK staff member in Gaza on Wednesday shows many residents in front of a gate on the Gaza side seeking information. They were reportedly told at around 3 p.m. that there would be no transport of injured people or evacuation of foreign nationals that day.

Evacuation, including of foreign nationals, began on November 1. It was later suspended but had been resumed on Monday.

A man said he could not let his Ukrainian wife and son stay in Gaza any longer. He said his home in Gaza City had been destroyed and the place where they were sheltering was also destroyed by an airstrike.

Health authorities in Gaza say more than 10,500 people have died there so far. At least 1,400 people have died in Israel.

Multiple Israeli media reported on Wednesday that relevant members, with Egypt as mediator, are soon expected to reach an agreement on a humanitarian pause and the release of some hostages.

Attention is focused on whether the agreement will come through as the United States and other Western nations call for a pause in the fighting.