Israeli leaders weigh Gaza security role

Israeli leaders have spent the past month carrying out what they call a "war" against Hamas militants. They have launched airstrikes and sent troops into Gaza despite international concern over civilian casualties. Now, they say they have no intention of turning back.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ABC News on Monday that, after the fighting is over, his forces may take "security responsibility" of the territory for an "indefinite period."

On Tuesday, his commanders said their soldiers are in the "very heart" of Gaza for the first time in decades.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, "Gaza is the biggest terrorist base ever built by man. This entire city is one big terror base."

Israeli officials have asked Palestinians in the northern area repeatedly to head south. They released footage showing Palestinians evacuating while carrying white flags to encourage civilians to leave for their own safety.

However, a Gaza-based spokesperson said on Tuesday about 900,000 residents are still in the northern areas and have not received any shipments of aid in more than a month.

A displaced woman who lost her daughter last week said, "Look at our situation -- is this a life that we're living? We have no food, electricity or water. We sleep in the hallways without any blankets, and it's very cold. This is not a life."

Authorities in Gaza said Israeli troops are adding what they call "psychological pressure" to force people from their homes. They said the south cannot house all residents and there are no safe areas left.