Israeli military says there is no ceasefire with Hamas

A spokesperson for the Israeli military says its forces have destroyed more than 100 openings into Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip. He stressed there is no ceasefire with Hamas.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari was speaking to reporters on Tuesday. He said that the Israeli air force and navy, along with the infantry corps deep inside Gaza City, are placing heavy pressure on Hamas.

He said Israeli forces have so far attacked over 14,000 Hamas-related targets.

Hagari explained there is still a long journey ahead. He said, "Hamas terrorists are telling themselves there will be a ceasefire. There is no ceasefire. We continue moving forward."

Palestinian media outlets are reporting that through Wednesday morning, Israeli ground forces were invading Gaza City from the north and the south.

Hamas's armed wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, said in a social media post on Wednesday that its members had damaged Israeli tanks and military vehicles through missile attacks.

Medical institutions are being attacked amid the fighting.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said on social media on Tuesday that a convoy of five trucks carrying medical supplies to Al-Quds Hospital in northern Gaza City and other facilities came under attack. It said two trucks were damaged and a driver suffered minor injury.

The society called on international health and relief organizations for essential aid and supplies to be delivered quickly to the affected areas.

The death toll for both sides of the conflict has risen to more than 11,900. Health authorities in Gaza say 10,569 people have died there. And at least 1,400 people have died in Israel.