Pro-Israel demonstrators rally in London for release of hostages

Supporters of Israel have held a rally in London calling for the release of hostages taken by the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas.

About 300 people gathered in front of Number 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, exactly one month after Hamas carried out a surprise attack on Israeli territory.

The demonstrators carried Israeli flags and posters of the hostages. They chanted, "Bring them home."

One of those taking part was Sharone Lifschitz whose elderly parents were taken hostage immediately after the attack. Her 85-year-old mother was released on October 23.

Lifschitz said her mother is improving every day, and gaining back her strength. But she said her 83-year-old father is still in Gaza, and that her mother says he has a bullet injury in his arm.

She says they do not know if he is alive or dead.

Lifschitz said tearfully that she does not want revenge. She said it does not make her feel better when she hears about the dead children in Gaza. She said, "There's so much trauma and loss and it's so sad."

She said, "We need to resolve this situation and find a way to live peacefully together," but she said it has to start with bringing the hostages home.

One of the event organizers said any agreements for a ceasefire must involve bringing home the hostages.