Japan-born giant panda doing fine in China conservation center

A zookeeper in China's Sichuan Province has told Japanese media that a Japan-born giant panda is doing fine in her new home.

The zookeeper met reporters on Tuesday. Xiang Xiang was put on public display at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda last month.

Xiang Xiang was born at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo in 2017 to a pair of giant pandas loaned from China. She was transferred to China in February this year under an ownership agreement between the two countries.

The zookeeper said when Xiang Xiang arrived, she was restless, running around and not eating. But she eventually got used to the new environment and calmed down.

To ensure she wouldn't get stressed, the center avoided putting the panda on public display during a holiday period that began in late September when many visitors come.

The zookeeper said Xiang Xiang is in good health and eats 16 kilograms of bamboo, 6 kilograms of bamboo shoots and 400 grams of apples every day.