G7 foreign ministers to discuss Middle East conflict in Tokyo

Group of Seven foreign ministers are expected to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian situation on the first day of their two-day meeting that kicks off on Tuesday in Tokyo. Japan plans to call for a humanitarian pause and also urge G7 partners to forge a united front on the issue.

The Israel-Hamas conflict is expected to be a key item on the agenda during the first session of the meeting. This will be the first face-to-face meeting of G7 foreign ministers since the conflict broke out one month ago.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko, who is chair of the meeting, is expected to denounce the terrorist attacks by Islamic group Hamas. She is also likely to share the view with her counterparts that Israel has the right to defend itself and its people.

Japanese officials plan to convey the country's call for a humanitarian pause, as the Gaza district is on the verge of a serious crisis. They will also stress the need to comply with international law.

Japan hopes to facilitate the discussion so that G7 countries will be able to send a united message that could help calm the conflict and improve the humanitarian situation in the region.