Blinken warns Iran and aligned militias in unannounced visit to Iraq

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned Iran and Iran-backed militias over a series of drone attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria.

Blinken made the remark to media in Baghdad after he met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani during his unannounced visit to Iraq's capital.

Blinken said he made clear in the meeting with Al-Sudani that the attacks and threats coming from the militia that are aligned with Iran are totally unacceptable.

The secretary also said the United States is "not looking for conflict with Iran," but "will take every necessary step to protect our people."

Regarding the intensifying conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, Blinken said, "We're working very hard to make sure that the conflict in Gaza does not escalate, does not spread to other places."

On the humanitarian aid to Gaza, he said about 100 trucks a day are now going into the strip, but that "it's grossly insufficient."

Blinken said efforts are being made to raise that number "significantly so that more aid in a sustained way gets in to Palestinians who need it."

He stressed again that what he calls a "humanitarian pause" in the conflict can help advance the assistance further.