Ukrainian forces launch missile attack on shipyard in Crimea

The Ukrainian military says it conducted a missile attack on a shipyard in Crimea, the country's southern region unilaterally annexed by Russia in 2014.

The commander of Ukraine's air force said on social media that its fighter jets fired missiles at the Zaliv shipyard on Saturday. He hinted that they used SCALP cruise missiles provided by France.

Media outlets in Russia on Sunday quoted the country's defense ministry as saying that 15 cruise missiles were fired at the shipyard and 13 of them were intercepted, leaving one vessel damaged.

The Ukrainian side said one of Russia's most modern ships, a carrier of the Kalibr cruise missile, was anchoring at the shipyard, but it did not mention the name of the vessel damaged.

Recently, Ukrainian forces have been carrying out attacks on Russian military facilities in Crimea. They attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the naval port city of Sevastopol in September.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military said Russian forces launched a missile strike on a village in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia on Friday.

Ukrainian media report that the strike killed at least 20 service personnel who had gathered for a ceremony to honor fellow soldiers.