Demonstrators in Tokyo demand immediate ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict

People have taken to the streets of central Tokyo to demand an immediate ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas.

Civic group organizers of the demonstration say about 1,600 people marched from Hibiya Park to Tokyo Station for some 40 minutes on Sunday.

The protesters held up placards and banners calling for Israel to halt its attacks to realize an immediate ceasefire and peace for Palestinians.

A marcher in her 40s said she has seen photos of the Gaza Strip on social media every day and took part in the demonstration in the hope that no more children would have to die and the war would stop as soon as possible.

Another protester in his 20s said he joined the march, hoping no more people irrespective of their race would have to be in harm's way. He added that a ceasefire should be implemented, putting political matters aside.