Taiwan's foreign minister to attend seminar in Estonia

Taiwan's Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu is to visit the Baltic state of Estonia next week to attend a foreign policy seminar.

The seminar, scheduled for Wednesday in Tallinn, was organized by the International Centre for Defence and Security, an Estonian think tank.

Wu is to deliver a keynote speech and take part in a discussion titled "Europe and Taiwan at the times of increasing global tensions."

The Estonian Foreign Ministry said on Friday that it "is ready to accept the establishment of a non-diplomatic economic or cultural representation of Taipei." It added that enhancing such relations with Taiwan is not in conflict with the one-China policy.

Last year, Estonia withdrew from the Beijing-led economic cooperation format between Central and Eastern European countries and China.

Some European countries are strengthening their ties with Taiwan, which is increasing its presence in the semiconductor and other sectors, while distancing themselves from China. They cite humanitarian issues in China and Beijing's relations with Russia, among other reasons.