Over 360 foreign nationals, including 10 Japanese, evacuate from Gaza

Foreign nationals began evacuating from Gaza to Egypt on Wednesday. Egyptian media say 361 people have entered the country so far.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko has said the number includes 10 Japanese nationals and their eight family members who are Palestinian.

The international NGO, Doctors Without Borders, told NHK that the group greeted three Japanese staffers on the Egyptian side. The group's Japan office said it made direct contact with the staffers early Thursday and confirmed their safety.

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the evacuation of foreign nationals and others is expected to continue for several days.

CNN on Wednesday reported that US officials believe more than 5,000 foreign nationals could ultimately be allowed to leave Gaza, but they have been emphasizing how fluid the situation on the ground is.

Israeli forces have carried out heavy airstrikes on one of the largest refugee camps in the Gaza Strip for two straight days. The Palestinian side claims 195 people have been killed in the attacks.

Authorities in Gaza say in addition to the deaths, the two days of attacks have left about 120 people unaccounted for, presumably trapped under building debris.

Hamas on Wednesday released aerial footage showing bombs being dropped from unmanned aircraft on Israeli tanks and soldiers.

The combined death toll from the Israeli-Hamas conflict since October 7 has topped 10,000, with 8,796 people killed in Gaza and at least 1,400 on the Israeli side.