Sources: Middle East situation overshadowed talks on Ukraine peace proposal

Diplomatic sources say talks on Ukraine's peace proposal have failed to produce a joint statement due partly to differences in participants' stances on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The meeting was held on Saturday and Sunday on the Mediterranean island country of Malta. Senior officials from more than 60 nations and international organizations, including Western countries, Japan, and emerging nations, took part.

Diplomatic sources say Ukraine was initially trying to issue a joint statement. But they say participants were at odds over the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The sources say representatives from India and Turkey blamed Western countries for criticizing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine while supporting Israel, calling the behavior a double standard. India and Turkey insisted that international law should also be observed in the Gaza Strip.

The diplomatic sources say that, as those differences surfaced, participants decided not to issue a joint statement and Ukraine and Malta issued their co-chairs' statement instead.

Ukrainian officials are reiterating it is significant that over 60 nations and organizations gathered for the talks when the conflict in the Middle East is drawing international attention.