Govt. to choose airport, seaport facilities for emergency use

Japan's government says airport and seaport facilities need to be ready for use in the event of emergencies in order to bolster the country's defense capability. The government is to designate facilities mainly on the southwestern islands before engaging in talks with local authorities.

The government is to redo and expand public infrastructure for emergencies based on policies stipulated in the national security strategy drawn up last year. The first ministerial meeting was held last month and officials have been discussing details ever since.

As for airport and seaport facilities, the government plans to extend runways and improve quay walls to be used by Self-Defense Forces aircraft and Coast Guard patrol ships.

With a possible contingency in Taiwan in mind, the government is to designate facilities mainly on the Nansei Islands, including remote islands of the southwestern prefecture of Okinawa.

Government officials plan to hold talks with municipalities and port management authorities that are in charge of the facilities.