Kim and Shoigu talk to strengthen strategic cooperation

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has visited Vladivostok in Russia's Far East to inspect the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet base and to meet with Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu.

North Korean state media reported Sunday that on the previous day the two exchanged views on further strengthening strategic and tactical cooperation between the militaries of the two countries.

The media report said Kim was briefed on the operational capabilities and equipment of the vessels in the Pacific Fleet.

Kim reportedly expressed his appreciation for the fleet and its contribution to the peace and security of Northeast Asia and the world.

Later in the day, Kim reportedly had constructive discussions on practical issues with Shoigu about coordination and cooperation between the two armed forces in defense and security. The details of the discussion have not been disclosed.

The North Korean leader is expected to conclude his visit to Russia and leave for his country as early as Sunday.

Pyongyang had said it is planning a third attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite in October.
The anniversary of the founding of the ruling Korean Workers' Party is also celebrated in October.

North Korean watchers are focused on what will emerge in the military cooperation with Russia as an outcome of the visit.