'Fist of the North Star' statue marks 40th year of manga's publication

A sculpture of a villain in the popular Japanese manga series Fist of the North Star has made its public debut, marking the 40th year of the manga's publication.

The unveiling ceremony for the sculpture of the character Jagi took place on Friday in Nagano Prefecture's Saku City, central Japan. The city is the hometown of the series' author Buronson.

The 1.85-meter-tall sculpture, including the base, was erected inside East Japan Railway's Sakudaira Station.

Jagi is very popular among Fist of the North Star fans for his strong personality, despite being an evil villain.

Buronson attended the ceremony. He said he likes Jagi because Jagi's sly aspect resembles himself. The author expressed his hope that people will welcome the sculpture as a new and interesting attraction in the city.