China announces sanctions on 2 US defense firms over arms sales to Taiwan

China's foreign ministry has said the country will impose sanctions on two US defense firms -- Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman -- over weapons sales to Taiwan.

The ministry said on Friday that Lockheed Martin directly participated in the US arms sale to Taiwan announced on August 24, and that Northrop Grumman was involved in several arms sales.

The ministry also said the steps are in line with the country's anti-foreign sanctions law, but did not disclose their content or timing.

Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told reporters that Washington has seriously violated the country's one-China principle and undermined its sovereignty and security interests.

She also said China has called on the US to stop weapons sales to Taiwan. She warned of China's resolute response if such sales continue.

Beijing has repeatedly imposed sanctions on defense companies in response to US arms sales and supplies to Taiwan.