Morocco quake pushed land up by 20 centimeters

Researchers in Japan say satellite data indicate that last week's magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Morocco lifted land by up to 20 centimeters near the epicenter.

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan analyzed the September 8 quake in central Morocco using data from the earth observation satellite DAICHI-2.

The researchers say deformation of land was confirmed in an area extending about 50 kilometers east and west and 100 kilometers north and south near the epicenter.

They also say the land in an area near the epicenter rose by up to 20 centimeters, and sank by up to 7 centimeters in the south.

Two land blocks along a fault pushed against each other, with one sliding over the other.

Separately, Professor Yagi Yuji at the University of Tsukuba looked at how the fault moved based on seismometer data from across the world.

He found that the rupture of the fault lasted for about 7 seconds and spread upward in an east-southeast direction from the focus. The professor says the area east-southeast of the epicenter may have suffered greater jolts and more severe damage.