Thai opposition party leader steps down

The leader of Thailand's opposition Move Forward Party has stepped down from his post. The party came in first in the May general election, but Pita Limjaroenrat was blocked from becoming the country's prime minister. His party was also excluded from the coalition government.

Pita announced his resignation on his social media account on Friday. He said he cannot continue to serve as leader, as he has been suspended from his duties as a lawmaker. The temporary suspension was imposed by the country's constitutional court. Pita was accused of violating a constitutional provision that bars election candidates from owning media shares. He said he will still work with the Move Forward Party.

Pita led the Move Forward party to victory in May's election. But his bid to become prime minister was blocked twice by conservatives in the parliament.

Pheu Thai is the country's second-largest party. It managed to form a government by dropping Move Forward from the coalition and joining forces with the pro-military parties. Pheu Thai member Srettha Thavisin was elected prime minister shortly after that.