Ukraine used British cruise missiles in attack on Crimea, sources say

Ukrainian military sources say their forces have used cruise missiles supplied by Britain and launched by fighter aircraft to attack Russian-annexed Crimea.

Russia's defense ministry said Ukrainian forces attacked the military port city of Sevastopol in Crimea on Wednesday with 10 cruise missiles and three unmanned ships. Two Russian warships being repaired reportedly suffered damage.

The sources told NHK that Wednesday's attack damaged a Russian landing ship and a submarine. They said Ukrainian forces used British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

A spokesperson for Ukraine's defense intelligence told local media on Wednesday that the Russian ship and submarine may be beyond repair due to the tremendous damage, calling the situation good news for Ukraine.

Russia's defense ministry also said that its forces shot down 11 drones that Ukraine used to attack Crimea on Thursday.

The ministry said its troops destroyed five unmanned Ukrainian ships trying to hit Russian warships in the Black Sea.

Ukraine's military said on Thursday that Russia conducted drone attacks on many parts of the country and Ukraine downed 17 of them.