Relief goods have yet to reach Libyans affected by massive flood

People in Libya are struggling to deliver relief goods to eastern parts of the country devastated by a recent flood as roads have been cut off by the torrent.

Heavy rains triggered the flood on Monday. Two dams upstream from the eastern city of Derna are said to have collapsed, inundating the city, destroying and sweeping away structures.

Local media have quoted a senior official of the administration governing eastern Libya as saying that more than 5,000 people have been killed and several thousands of others remain unaccounted for.

The United Nations estimates at least 30,000 people in Derna may have lost their homes.

But the full picture of damage is still unclear.

Medical and aid supplies have been sent from other Libyan cities and Arab nations in the region.

Local media say it's difficult to deliver the goods to Derna and elsewhere due to impassible roads. Residents of Derna say many bodies remain under rubble in the city center.

Operations to remove debris and rescue survivors have been hampered as the flood swept away heavy machinery.

Libya's infrastructure has been neglected due to prolonged political turmoil that has divided the country into east and west controlled by different political forces.
Now the country faces the major problem of having to find ways to deliver vital supplies to people in areas hit by the flood.