Japanese woman who spoke up about sexual abuse makes Time's '100 Next' list

US magazine Time has chosen a former female member of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force who has spoken up about sexual violence among its list of 100 rising stars who will shape the future.

The magazine has been running its "100 Next" feature since 2019.
This year's list announced on Wednesday includes Gonoi Rina in the "advocates" category, who went public about suffering sexual abuse by multiple male colleagues in her unit.

Time noted that the resulting wave of support pushed officials to launch a larger investigation into cases of harassment within the Self-Defense Forces, and prompted countless other women to come forward with their own stories.
The magazine says, "In Japanese society, speaking up about sexual violence has long been a taboo, but Rina's courage has kicked the door open for all survivors."

Gonoi commented that her actions have been assessed favorably, and that this will empower her to carry on.

Another Japanese who made the 100 Next list is Eri Arfiya, 34, who the magazine says "has become a champion of diversity in Japan."

Eri was born in Japan to parents from China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

She worked at the Bank of Japan and the United Nations, and won a seat in the Lower House of Japan's Diet in April this year.

Time chose Eri for the "leaders" category, saying that she marks a sharp break from her peers in the Diet, who are mostly male and whose average age is 56.