Taiwan military unveils new drones ahead of defense show

Taiwan's defense ministry has unveiled to members of the media its latest domestically developed military drones to be showcased at a defense show in Taipei.

The military on Wednesday invited reporters to view its booth set up at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition, which kicks off Thursday.

Capturing attention are 11 types of military drone, which include a new suicide drone currently being developed. Officials say multiple drones can be placed in a compartment of a launch vehicle and execute precision strikes.

Cardinal III, another unmanned aerial vehicle, is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and optimized for coastal surveillance from small vessels.

The larger Teng Yun drone can remain airborne for over 20 hours, has a maximum range of over 1,100 kilometers and can perform surveillance and monitoring day and night.

Mass production of this drone is to begin shortly.

The trade show comes as Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen earlier pledged to promote asymmetric warfare capabilities to deter China's overpowering military prowess and to make its forces more mobile.

The Tsai administration aims to domestically produce weapons instead of relying on US arms sales.

It aims to accelerate the development of military drones, which have attracted attention after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.