Death toll rises to 2,900 in Morocco earthquake

Government officials in Morocco announced on Tuesday that the death toll from Friday's magnitude 6.8 earthquake has risen to at least 2,900. They say more than 5,500 people were injured.

Emergency teams moved in after the quake levelled dozens of villages, mainly in Al Haouz Province. They have been working in the rubble for four days and are finding fewer and fewer people alive.

Military officials have opened a field hospital where doctors can perform some surgeries, but their resources are slim. They fear survivors could be at risk of infectious diseases and exposure to the heat and cold. They say they need more blankets and staff. Some patients are being airlifted to places where they can get better treatment.

People in some areas have been able to find shelter at aid stations. Others higher up in the mountains, though, are still waiting for help after landslides blocked roads.