Johnny & Associates unveils compensation measures, steps to prevent recurrences

Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates has announced measures to compensate those who claim they suffered sexual abuse by the late founder Johnny Kitagawa and steps to prevent recurrences.

The agency made the announcement on its website on Wednesday. Kitagawa died in 2019.

The agency says it will set up a committee comprising three lawyers who have worked as judges to study the testimonies of victims and the amount of compensation.

It says it will not reject compensation based on the victims' affiliations or the time they say they suffered abuse.

The agency says those who are currently handled by the agency, as well as its former performers and trainees, are eligible for compensation.
It says it will also deal with claims from other victims on an individual basis.

The agency says it will accept claims for compensation through a web form and will announce the URL later.

On measures to prevent recurrences, the agency plans to appoint a chief compliance officer when it announces a new management system on October 2.

The agency plans to draw up and implement a basic policy on human rights, fix and expand the existing whistle-blowing system and provide its employees and performers with courses on human rights, sexual abuse and harassment to help raise their awareness on compliance.

It will also set to enhance its governance and dialogue with the media.

The agency says it will not take commissions from performance fees over the next one year and provide all of them to its performers.

The agency commented that it takes to heart that it has a long way to go to apologize and provide relief to the victims and regain trust from everyone. It said the agency staff will unite and work to make a fresh start.