TEPCO event puts scallops on sale after treated water release

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has staged an event to sell local produce in an effort to help businesses hit by China's suspension of Japanese seafood imports.

The local produce is available to employees of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, or TEPCO, at the company's head office. More than 200 types of items are on offer. Scallops are being sold for the first time.

The event comes as Japanese officials and businesses respond to China's suspension of seafood imports following the start of discharges of treated and diluted water from the nuclear facility into the sea. China's move is hitting shipments of Japanese scallops especially hard.

TEPCO President Kobayakawa Tomoaki helped sell the scallops. The items sold out during the event. Kobayakawa says, "We will unite in efforts to remove any reputational damage."

TEPCO says it will improve its handling of compensation claims by businesses that suffer damage to their brands, and promote sales of local goods.