US vows to counter cyberattacks by China, Russia in coordination with allies

The United States has vowed to counter cyber activities by China and Russia in coordination with its allies and partners.

The US Defense Department released a summary of its 2023 Cyber Strategy on Tuesday.

The document expresses a strong sense of caution against China and Russia. It says the two countries have embraced malicious cyber activity as a means to "counter US conventional military power and degrade the combat capability of the Joint Force."

The paper points out that China routinely conducts malicious cyber activities against the United States as well as its allies and partners.
It goes on to say that China steals technology secrets and undermines the US defense industry in an effort to erode the US military advantage.

The document accuses Russia of having undertaken "malign influence efforts against the Unite States that aim to manipulate and undermine confidence in US elections."

It also says that in Russia's war in Ukraine, Russian military and intelligence units have employed a range of cyber capabilities to support kinetic operations and defend Russian actions through "a global propaganda campaign."

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, a high-ranking US Defense Department official stressed the commitment of Washington to build the cyber capability of global allies and partners so as to boost collective resilience against cyberattack.