Japan's Seven Bank to launch face recognition at ATMs

A Japanese bank with ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores has said it will start a new service next spring allowing customers to use face recognition to withdraw funds without cash cards.

Seven Bank will launch its new features nationwide at about 27,000 of its ATMs, mainly at convenience stores and train stations. It says account holders will be able to deposit and withdraw money, just by using face recognition and inputting a pass code.

The bank will begin offering another new feature on September 26 which will allow ATM users to open an account and change their personal information, such as addresses. These steps will require the machine to scan identification documents, including My Number cards, in addition to face recognition to confirm a customer's identity.

Seven Bank's move comes as many financial institutions are cutting the number of their ATMs due to maintenance costs and falling usage, as more people turn to cashless payment options.