Officials from Japan's ruling LDP meet ahead of party leadership reshuffle

Senior officials from Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party have given Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, the party's president, free rein over personnel choices.

Kishida is planning to reshuffle the LDP's leadership and his Cabinet on Wednesday.

At a meeting of the party's executives on Tuesday, Kishida asked the participants to leave decisions about the personnel changes in the party to him.

The participants agreed to give him control over personnel decisions.

LDP Secretary-General Motegi Toshimitsu is expected to meet with reporters later to explain the remarks that Kishida made during the meeting.

Kishida intends to keep Liberal Democratic Party Vice-President Aso Taro and Motegi in their current positions.

Moriyama Hiroshi is the chairperson of the LDP's election strategy committee. Kishida is thinking about making him the general council chairperson. Obuchi Yuko is the head of the LDP's party organization and campaign headquarters. The prime minister may make her the election strategy committee chairperson.

Kishida is also thinking about keeping LDP Policy Research Council Chairperson Hagiuda Koichi in his current position or appointing him to another key post in the administration.

Kishida is expected to finalize the new LDP lineup on Wednesday. He will then hold an extraordinary Cabinet meeting to accept resignation letters from the ministers.

He is expected to make the decisions about the Cabinet on Wednesday afternoon.