Morocco earthquake death toll reaches 2,497

Rescuers in Morocco are searching for survivors of the powerful earthquake that hit on Friday. They're in a race against time as the first 72 hours are considered crucial for finding people alive.

The magnitude 6.8 quake struck the province of Al Haouz. That's about 70 kilometers southwest of the central city of Marrakech.

The interior ministry says the death toll has reached 2,497 with 2,476 people injured.

This man in the village of Ouirgane lost five relatives. He was rescued by neighbors three hours after his home collapsed.

"We were buried under the rubble. Everything I had was inside my home, so I don't even have clothes to change into," he said.

Some places had no heavy machinery. Rescuers were moving rubble from damaged houses by hand.

Rescuers and volunteer groups are delivering relief supplies.

One of them said, "We take food people can eat right away. The roads are challenging, but people are waiting for help."