G20 leaders wrap up summit in New Delhi

The G20 leaders wrapped up their summit in New Delhi on Sunday after adopting a declaration the previous day on issues facing the bloc.

The document reflects consideration both for Western nations and Russia amid a widening division over the invasion of Ukraine.

Given the rift between the major powers, it was expected to be difficult to issue the declaration.

Reporters were surprised that it was issued on the first day.

The ministerial meetings leading up to the summit had failed to issue a joint statement due to the confrontation between the US and Russia over the wording on the invasion of Ukraine.

It is definitely an achievement for India that it managed to avoid a breakdown of the conference by taking the initiative in encouraging compromises.

The declaration also includes support for the developing and emerging economies known as the Global South on the issues of the food crisis and climate change. That's another outcome of India's efforts.

The declaration clearly expresses opposition to the use of force to acquire any country's territory. It also says the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable. But it does not refer to "Russia" or "condemn" its actions. A spokesperson for Ukraine's foreign ministry criticized the declaration, saying the G20 has nothing to be proud of.

It can be said the G20 could not come up with effective measures to stop the fighting and civilian casualties in Ukraine and the food crisis that is affecting developing countries. The G20 still faces the challenge of resolving the situation in Ukraine that is threatening the international order.