Morocco struggles as quake death toll rises to over 2,000

Morocco's state-run media say an earthquake that occurred late Friday night has left more than 2,000 dead.

The US Geological Survey reports the magnitude 6.8 quake occurred inland, with the epicenter about 70 kilometers from the central Moroccan city of Marrakech.

The state-run media quotes the interior ministry as saying that the quake killed at least 2,012 people and injured 2,059.

In Marrakech, there was no power outage and restaurants and businesses were open. But in the old part of the city, a World Heritage site, several buildings have sustained damage.

Medical professionals at a university hospital in Marrakech are scrambling to attend to people who were hurt in the quake.

The injured were brought in even from areas far from the city. Tensions ran high every time an ambulance arrived carrying quake victims.

A 29-year-old doctor at the hospital said they are receiving people from a wide area around Marrakech.

He said the medical residents, students and professors are there and that they are doing their best, but the number of patients is so huge that they cannot handle them by themselves.

The doctor said that they need more help, and that blood donation is the key now.

Local people have brought in relief supplies to a corner of the hospital premises. Volunteers were putting food, water, and other supplies into bags and loading vehicles with them for delivery to the hardest-hit area.

A volunteer in his 20s helping deliver aid said some routes are blocked, so there is no help for people in need. He said they are sending supplies with ambulances.

He said tents are most needed because many people are sleeping outside.